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It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 10th Bubble and Drop Conference, which will take place in Prague on 9-13 June 2025.


Bubble and Drop Conference series started in 1995 in Empoli, Italy, in the framework of the „Human Capital and Mobility Program“, financed by the European Union and it has since then moved around Europe: Genoa, Italy (2004); Granada, Spain (2007); Thessaloniki, Greece (2009); Krakow, Poland (2012); Potsdam, Germany (2015); Lyon, France (2017); Sofia, Bulgaria (2019) and Lublin, Poland (2023), and serves as an expert forum for the worldwide experts on bubble and drop interfacial sciences. The 10th Bubble and Drop Conference will be held in the beautiful city of Prague, in Czech Republic, in 2025. Following the tradition from previous conferences, we expect the conference to be an interdisciplinary meeting point and platform for expert discussion of the advances on the investigation of interfaces of bubbles, drops, interfaces, foams, and emulsions, and their consequences in multiple multiphase applications, bridging fundaments of interfacial physics and industrial applications.


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